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Shipping containers are very strong, robust, highly secure and affordable. They are produced in their millions and are designed to carry up to 30 tonnes of cargo. These containers can be affordably converted to avariety of uses and can provide a solution to various space and storage problems.

Namal Container Yard Pvt Ltd has a historic record and years of experience on container conversions. We can convert containers for almost any use by joining them together and modifying them by fitting extra doors, windows, insulations, electricity, air condition units and many other enhancements.

We convert these shipping containers into bespoke designs to order and have included offices, industrial sound proof generators/ compressor rooms, kitchens, laboratories, accommodation units, workshops, toilet blocks, training facilities, data centers and etc.

Moreover, by lining insulating, portioning, fitting high security personnel doors and steel shuttered windows we can create all manner of designs specifically to meet your needs, We also fit all the electric plugs, heating points and air conditioning as required.

The lsit of container conversions is gradually growing day by day, converting containers is environmentally friendly because the containers have fulfilled their primary role of carrying cargo, and are then adopted for secondary use. By converting them we are recycling them.

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Our History

The first converted container that was converted by Namal Container Yard Pvt Ltd was in the year 2000. The first project was a historic project that most of the Sri Lankans were indulging by the construction of the office + house conversion under one roof.

The planning and the construction was done through the knowledge of Mr. Namal Dissanayake founder of Namal Transporters and Namal Container Yard Pvt Ltd.

The endurance of the hardships to make this new innovative container conversion was a dream come true. The success finally made the specific conversion to be out to the public through newspaper articles and television telecast.

Hence, Mr. Seylan Dissanayake following the footsteps of his father is improving and enhancing the facilities proactively to ensure a high quality being maintained while diversifying the business into many business enterprises.

Our work team is always up to their task at any point in time. The employees are all in alert to provide the preeminent services to our valuable customers.

We would ensure to provide you with the best in all aspects of business through "Honesty, Integrity, Relaibiity" while diversifying into sustain a better market in the economy.

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Sketch Diagrams

Namal Container Yard will ensure to sketch a diagram plan accordingly to your requirements to show and prove how the container plan would be constructed. The plan indicates the number of doors, windows, and plug in points, ceiling fans, and all the other dimensions that is important for customers.

The below container plan is a common architecture inclusive of one window, and one door which indicates as the front elevation. In addition, the floor plan mentioned below shows the dimensions the plugging points, ceiling fans, lighting and fitting and all the other necessary items needed for the conversion.

The other container plan shows one door, one window and an exhaust window which is shown in the diagram below mentioned as the front elevation.

Diagram A
Sketch Diagram A

Moreover, the specialty about this container is that it consists of an attached bathroom which is shown in the sketch below. The attached bathroom is separated through a partition which is shown on the right hand corner of the container. The attached bathroom is 4' x 8' area on the 20 feet container. In addition, the normal fittings are included in the container such as ceiling fan, lighting and fitting, plug in points and etc.

In conclusion, both the diagram A and diagram B are an idea to all our valuable customers to have an idea how a converted container plan would be. We would ensure to give you a plan fulfilling your own needs of the conversion. The above diagrams are a very simple and common plans that is drafted to acknowledge how the container converted plan would be like.

Diagram B
Sketch Diagram B

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Newspaper Article